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The Georgakos Group is a NETWORK of INTEGRATED REAL ESTATE SERVICES (NIRES) - was created by Parthenon (Parthenon Real Estate) which was founded by brothers Charalambos and Kostas Georgakos.

Parthenon Real Estate since the day of its establishment in October 2002, has invested many so as to improve its self to a modern real estate company with  efficient organization, becoming a company that has a complete “triangle” that consisting of:

(A) Excellent Facilities structure: modern buildings, modern offices, etc.

(B) Perfect Information Technology structure: an integrated electronic program for managing real estate, and

(C) Full Organizational Structure, with particular emphasis on developing human resources.

The creation of this "magic triangle" consists of:

(A) Countless hours working with experts in the field of Business Administration and Informatics.
(B) Substantial amounts of money.

Parthenon’s directing team thought that, this major investment should give far greater results than the ones that have been accomplished so far.

The thought of NIRES creation

After two years of planning, Parthenon’s directing team concluded that the organization is able to manage multiple activities. In order to achieve maximum use of the tangible and intangible funds (company’s funds), requires to improve a different strategy. A strategy based on an "open" use of these funds from other real estate agents. As you know we now live in the age of networks. Anyone who has a computer or a mobile phone, or simply has access to one of these modern means of information, can communicate with anyone, anywhere, any time he wishes.


The NIRES network was founded from the following group:

• Constantine S. Georgakos, CEO, of Parthenon Real Estate International, LLC.

•Charalambos S. Georgakos, CEO, of Parthenon Hellas

With the precious help of Dr. Asterios G. Kefalas, Management Professor, Emeritus. 


NIRES envisions that in the 21st century: goods, assets and people will budge all around the world freely. People in S.E. Europe will be able to buy a property in any country they want. NIRES is the vehicle that will make all your dreams associated to estate ownership become truth. It offers a corporate reality that is focused in personal and professional progress and the development of associates with a direct and substantial effect on customer service.


Our strategy is to implement our philosophy which is to develop Extraversion. We believe that every company must grow constantly by the use of Information Technology and Telecommunications. In an often radically changing environment, the entrepreneur must constantly investigate and evaluate these changes. NIRES operates within a framework of three coordinates: Extraversion, IT, Development.

The situation in Greece is critical and is projected to be worst over the next 3-4 years. The impact of government measures for the average man will be many and painful. The importance of reliable and timely prediction is big. In general, this situation creates two categories of people. The first category (Category A) includes people who should not only reduce costs but should also find new ways to pay their commitments. These people are likely to sell an estate. The second category (Category B) includes people who have a certain amount of money and will therefore try to see the status of Class A as a great market opportunity. NIRES provides that a significant proportion of Class B will come from neighboring Balkan countries and Turkey. By the same logic NIRES also provides that an equally large proportion of Greeks in Class B will be directed outward, in the neighboring Balkan countries and Turkey.


The main objective of NIRES is to provide integrated services tailored to the needs arising from the individuality of each country, region and location of the property, for example: an apartment located in Thessaloniki, the service needs are different from an apartment located in Bansko, in a country with different laws. The same apply for the use of a property which is on a mountain or by the sea instead being in a city. We want a happy customer with no contingencies and surprises, which will be served quickly and properly utilizing our technology and the skills of our associates. So the customer addressed to an office which is a member of NIRES will have comprehensive coverage for his needs for land in any region or country wherever it may be located, and for any need he may have: buying, selling, renting or property management. Our ambition is to drive NIRES to the recognition and development so as to become the “Google” network of estate agents throughout the southeast Europe bringing the message that all S.E. Europe is a neighborhood. So you can feel dear partner like home in any off NIRES’s Office.


A real estate company is a humanistic organization. In other words, the nature of work requires people who come into direct, sustained and painful contact with the customer. The activity of the agent, ie leasing, buying or selling a property requires many long and arduous negotiations with the customer, which often do not have the desired effect, ie, the happy ending it. The usual experience of chief real estate agents is that one in ten new partners will "endure" psychological and economic stress on two-three months. The administration of the Parthenon Real Estate found that the main factor in the desired development process is to identify and use valuable partners. After many serious discussions, the administration concluded that the best way to solve the problem of "poor performance potential" is to create partnerships with experienced brokers and those who seek the success of further development in this difficult situation the industry. So we decided to create a network of reliable, branded and profitable real estate agency headed by qualified and recognized professionals, who manage to find new ways of personal and business development. The NIRES (network of integrated real estate services) is a facilitator of this development effort. Each participating office NIRES is a hub for information and admission related to rent, purchase and sale of mortgage assets. The center of the network is the Parthenon International, which is the owner of the electronic system MESITIS.


The term comes from NIRES acronym for Network of Integrated Real Estate Services that Network Integration Broker Services. The NIRES is a real estate network that operates in different regions and countries with different specializations brokerage services. All offices of estate network NIRES have a single, specific formal organization, from simple forms, contracts, public portal, a common code of conduct and a common development strategy. Each agency retains its name and its local character, but share the organizational structure of the network to greater customer benefit and by extension the company itself. The NIRES not to be a Franchise, and the number of members is specific. The Network Integration Service Broker NIRES is stewardship for the organization, protection and enforcement of the code of ethics, marketing, network development and high quality of service.


The NIRES created to meet a great need: the survival and growth of many brokerage firms now require a strategy of direct adaptation to frequent changes in the environment and the use of appropriate technologies and organizational policies. The current owner of a real estate agency is facing a great dilemma: either we must invest huge sums and time to create a modern organizational structure or should join a company release Franchise. The first alternative requires much time and money. The second requires the adoption of philosophies and attitudes introduced by the multinational company. Liabilities change the name of the company, acceptance of alternative methods of administration and management are usually considered "foreign" to the temperament of brokers and customers of our country and therefore difficult to be adopted.

The NIRES created by professional brokers for brokers who have faced this dilemma well. From people who know very well the real estate market, gaps, needs and methods of improving service levels high, from a studio to a unique villa in an office area to a mall, etc. NIRES gives the opportunity for real estate firms with credibility and authority in their area, without losing their local character and name, be able to provide services in other regions and countries, and thus meet the changing needs of modern customers. The modern "friendly-to-the-user" electronic real estate Broker enables the user with one click to proceed:

• Change of residence (studio, apartment, apartment, maisonette, house)

• Change of business premises (office, shop, building, Logistics center)

• Find a holiday home (winter - summer)

• Search for lining tantalizing performance and goodwill

The local broker knows very well the hand area, but the customer needs in a globalized society, it may be outside the local community but also outside the borders of the country. The NIRES invested time and money to create a modern IT infrastructure, training, and organizational structure. All members of NIRES access information with one click, anytime, anywhere in the world and if you are using a computer as a laptop, a tablet is a smart phone. With our extensive experience in real estate recorded and studied step by step the needs of brokers, for fast and accurate service to the customer.


The benefits of cooperation in NIRES are manifold. Briefly mention a few.

• The order awarding property to an agent's network NIRES automatically becomes multiple

• The mandate for the sale, purchase, lease with NIRES is a team affair.

• The mandate to direct electronic registration has been transferred across the network, the order award multiplied, without the property owner to run from office to office and from broker to broker.

• The search for the identity of the mandate is to award the entire clientele NIRES now includes tens of thousands of customers.

• Is there a specific chart for each type of command, the simple representation, with ready promotions at local, national or European level? The organizational chart of NIRES is structured for full and immediate use of the information. We created a new and innovative service called "Buy and quiet down," as we take a responsible and reliable, finding the property, testing, concluding the contract of sale and after sale services is small, but essential, ie the connection the power company, the annual tax return, etc.

• selected and organized exceptional professionals who are essential in all stages of the property, as lawyers, accountants, engineers, notaries, responsible and dependable professional economists, energy inspectors, construction companies installers, banks financing the purchase, transport companies, so we can provide comprehensive services to the customer can buy and calms.

What we seek to develop NIRES is to meet every need of the person concerned on matters of real estate (Purchase, Lease, and Sale). To have the ability to cover every need and desire promptly and properly. Be aware that in any office and if the response address and the service is impeccable. The network enables the property owner to delegate to an agency in his property, and automatically updated over the network NIRES the existence of the property, thereby bypassing the need to have the owner write and converse with many realtors. In this way eliminated the risk of confusion and misunderstanding.


The network NIRES has:

• Built a marketing system for each type of award (single or representation) that strictly
• The ability to develop marketing at local, nationwide and throughout southeastern Europe.

Integrated effort for you, there is a closed and private matter, but team and open, with a view to prompt and reliable service.

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